Online-Seminar "Laughter Yoga - Opportunities and Challenges " with Dr. Madan Kataria

"Laughter Yoga - Opportunies and Challenges" is a Online-Seminar that Dr. Madan Kataria will present for the first time. Here he gives us insights about his vision for laughter yoga, about challenges, that he sees and he will talk about what is needed for laughter yogis to deal with the growing demand of laughter yoga in post-pandemic times.

"Laughter Yoga - Opportunities and Challenges " is a seminar that Dr. Kataria has prepared and is presenting for the first time due to his long experience with laughter yoga as well as current knowledge and insights. We can be curious!

After the Covid-19 pandemic, the next pandemic is going to be the mental health pandemic. With uncertainties of the coronavirus, the demand for laughter yoga has increased exponentially. With physical training restrictions, most teaching, coaching, training of laughter yoga are going online and combination of physical and virtual. As laughter yoga professionals, we need to find ways to meet the increasing demands in different applications. Dr Kataria will throw some light on opportunities and challenges to use laughter yoga post-Covid-19 pandemic.

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2nd of July 2021 I 9–12 am (CET/MEZ)
Attendance Fee € 100