Dr. Madan & Madhuri Kataria

Dr. Madan Kataria

He has created a global network of non-profit Laughter Clubs, which are freely accessible for everyone. He and his wife Madhuri invented Hasya Yoga (Laughter Yoga) more than 28 years ago. The mission of the Laughter Yoga movement: Health, Happiness and World Peace through Laughter!

Welcome on the homepage of the German Laughter Yoga Conferences!

Review of 2024: The 7th German Laughter Yoga Conference took place on the first weekend in March 2024. Three days full of laughter, dancing, singing and being happy in Horn-Bad Meinberg. You can get an insight in our picture gallery, review and videos on the archive page.

Participants' voices about the Laughter Yoga Conference 2024:

"The congress was so inspiring and spiritual in a very special way. In the presence of Madan and Madhuri, the spirit that brings the essence of laughter yoga into the world was palpable, moving and renewing. An enrichment for life on and after the conference - and it is still working inside myself."

"Overall, I really enjoyed the congress with its diverse topics. And the organization team put a lot of effort into the overall design. Thank you for that. I was so inspired that I decided to have one this week I gave my first laughter yoga class, which was also a lot of fun."

"It was the first time for me that I attended a laughter yoga conference. It was so beautiful and I enjoyed every minute :-)! Right from the start I noticed the loving atmosphere that I was able to immerse myself in and it was very easy to get in touch with the other participants. Overall, the conference was very inspiring for me. I received a lot of suggestions for myself and my small, newly founded a laughter yoga group, and I also always felt a lot of joy and enthusiasm when taking part. Grateful for the diverse, enriching encounters - be it at the conference presentations/workshops or at the meal together. I also found it very valuable to be able to experience Madan Kataria and his wife in person and to absorb their spirit. At the closing ceremony, I had tears of emotion in my eyes. We laughter yogis are strong ambassadors of peace. Bringing more laughter and joy into the world is a wonderful mission that can only be achieved together. Many thanks to you and your team for the organization and to all actors/participants for the warm community. I drove home completely energized. Thanks!"

"I was flooded with joy for life from head to toe - it was simply incredibly beautiful. The warm encounters and hugs, laughter in every corner, the meeting with my team, the atmosphere, the great program... It was balm for the soul.
1000 THANKS for this great organization and your passionate commitment."

Our Lecturers 2022

It is with great pleasure that we present our highly esteemed lecturers, who guided us through the Laughter Yoga Congress!